Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Just say NO!

It appears that the whole of Australia has now heard that two convicted drug smugglers were executed in Indonesia overnight - and everyone has an opinion about it.

The thing is, opinions are like assholes - every one has one - so here is my take on the issue.

A number of people decided to smuggle drugs out of Indonesia into Australia. (BTW, this makes a LOT more sense than Ms Corby's efforts to smuggle drugs out of Australia into Indonesia. It's buy low, sell high, people - no pun intended.)

They were caught. There is no doubt that they were guilty. The Indonesian police caught them in the airport, tickets/boarding passes in hand, with the contraband strapped to their bodies. The fact that this was in response to a tip-off delivered to the Australian Federal Police, and passed on to Indonesia, is irrelevant.

These bright sparks walked past multiple signs that proclaim the folly of their actions that day - below is an example, but they are everywhere in the airport at Denpasar.

For some reason they decided that either;
a) The message on that sign didn't apply to them
b) They would not get caught

A number have freely admitted that they did it for the money.

So we have; smuggling illegal drugs, knowingly breaking the law, for money. That's drug trafficking, which they knew attracted the death penalty under the laws of the country where they committed the act.

Did they commit the crime? Yes.
Did they know it was a crime? Yes.
Did they know that the crime attracted the death penalty? Yes.
Were they young and stupid? Yes.
Were there extenuating circumstances? No.

The only issue I have with Indonesians enforcing their laws in this case, is that it took them ten years to do so.

Oh, and will I be boycotting Bali? No.

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