Saturday, 12 April 2014

To serve and protect ... themselves

The militarisation of the police scares me. That they dress up in black, arming themselves with tanks, smoke grenades, "flash-bangs", and automatic weapons is bad enough. That they then adopt the attitude of the soldier is worse.

A recent attempt in Victoria to arrest a man believed to have been involved in a violent crime is case in point.

Picture a small country town. Police arrive to arrest the man. He doesn't want to be arrested, and a stand-off ensues, leading to a siege. The Specialist Operations Group arrives on scene at about 6:00 PM, and about 7 hours later an explosion occurs, injuring two of SOG's members and apparently vapourising the wanted man.

What did the Superintendent have to say?

"The families of the injured officers have been notified and they are with their injured relatives, one of whom was admitted to The Alfred hospital and the other was taken to Geelong Hospital.
Both are in a stable condition.
“It’s of great concern to us. We judge the success of operations by the way our members return home safely," Supt Downes said.

You statist prick - success means that your members come home safely - what about the poor bastard that WON'T be coming home safely? The guy that is likely dead, without charges being laid, without benefit of a trial, and no conviction. We'll likely never know if he was the guilty party, because you'll close the case and investigate no further, and it doesn't matter to you because your team "returned home safely."

Given your attitude, I am not at all sure that the explosion wasn't one of your team playing with one of his "toys", and maybe not even accidental. If your sole criterion for success is coming home safely, then get a job as a mattress & pillow tester.

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