Thursday, 3 April 2014

Orwell's Electioneering

It's that time again. The pigs with their snouts in the trough of the public purse are demanding that the other animals validate their position and confirm their right to govern.

If that's too Orwellian for you - it's time to vote (again) for those who will represent WA in the Federal Senate.

The last time we did this, some of the pigs weren't happy with the outcome, and protested, demanding a recount. The number of votes found in the recount was 1300 or so fewer than the original count, but the Electoral Commission pigs decided to change the result anyway. That made some other pigs unhappy with the outcome, so they protested to a different set of black-robed pigs, who decided that it was necessary to spend another twenty million dollars so that all the other animals could re-validate and re-confirm the right set of pigs this time.

I don't understand why this is being billed as a do-over. I know several people who were too young to vote last time, but will this time (remember, in Australian State and Federal elections, voting is compulsory). More oddly, the pigs running for election have changed - and some of those squealing for the right to represent Western Australia don't even live in the state.

We don't have Citizen Referenda, but if we did, I would get completely behind one that required all politicians to wear a pig costume when out in public - and declared open season on feral hogs.

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