Wednesday, 23 April 2014

An Unexpected Call

I posted earlier on troubles with getting my car repaired after a minor bingle.

I have been calling the car repairer every week about when I can expect to get the car back. I have had just about more than I can handle driving either a hire car or my daughter's "shopping trolley".

The Thursday before Easter, I get an unexpected call - the repairer tells me that the car is ready except for a couple of parts that are no longer available from the manufacturer, and that they can't buy anywhere.

Given past history, I have some difficulty believing this, so I make some checks myself over the weekend.

Several suppliers in the US have the items in stock - new.
Several other vendors in the US have the same items - used.
Even Ebay sellers here in Australia have used parts for sale.

I can't check with the manufacturer due to it being Easter, so I call on Tuesday. The parts are available (but not in stock in Perth) - order before noon Wednesday, and they will be available for collection Friday.

My next call is to the insurer. Their response is to arrange for the assessor to have another look at the vehicle, but that can't be done until Thursday - the day before the Anzac Day holiday.

So here I am, waiting to hear the outcome, and wondering just when I'll get to drive my car again.

It has been at the repairer for over nine months in total - six for the initial botched repair, and three and a half to make good their failings. I should have fixed it myself.

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