Friday, 5 July 2013

Just imagine ...

Let's see - where to start.

Imagine a man and a woman - very much in love. So much so, that they have announced publicly - with an engagement ring - their intention to marry.

The man makes a public comment, that some consider in bad taste, and is inappropriately punished for the remark.

So unwarranted and inappropriate is the punishment that the courts recognise it and order the wrong done to him be undone.

What do you think is the likely action of those in authority?

1) Ignore the court.
2) Undo it.
3) Undo it and apologise.


Instead they punish him through his fiancee by sending in the police, without so much as a good cause, let alone a warrant, to trespass in her home, and steal her personal property.

All men and women everywhere would see this as wrong. I won't beg the question by saying "all GOOD men and women" - this is categorically evil and repugnant.

Now I add the one detail that I omitted from the above.

The items stolen by the police at gun-point are guns.

I can hear the cries now - "but that's DIFFERENT!"

In a pig's ear, sunshine.

I am TJIC.

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