Sunday, 16 December 2012

Standby, here it comes .... again

Newtown, Connecticut, USA - remember it.

A whack-job gets a gun, and kills 20+ children that he didn't even KNOW, his mother, and himself.

It seems even the terminally crazy can get one thing right.

Now for the back-lash.

Every gun owner that DIDN'T DO IT is going to get shafted - in the name of DOING SOMETHING.

Just one more law will solve this problem. After all, the whack-job only:
1) Acquired two handguns - illegally
2) Stole a rifle (an AR-15) - illegally
3) Killed his mother - illegally
4) Stole her car - illegally
5) Transported guns in the car - illegally
6) Entered a school with guns - illegally
7) Brandished a firearm - illegally
8) Discharged a firearm in a school - illegally
9) Shot more people - illegally
10) Killed himself - who cares

If only the teachers could have done something more than just be heroic.

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