Saturday, 22 October 2011

CHOGM and the onset of the police state

Joy of joys, CHOGM is coming to Perth.

Apparently this worthless gab-fest is something to celebrate, and features visits by Really Important People that the world cannot do without. So much so that the police need special powers to protect them because they are far too precious to lift a finger to protect themselves.

Of course, it is of no consequence whatsoever that the new laws abridge the rights of the ordinary denizen of the city, to the extent that police will have the power to stop and search any person in a "designated area" without reason.

For some insane reason, the police themselves will be trusted to decide which areas are so designated, and have already indicated that the roads on which the delegates travel to and from various functions will be considered a "designated area" for the purposes of the legislation and the additional powers.

If nothing happens, the refrain will be; "See, the laws worked. We need them everywhere, all the time." If something DOES happen, the refrain will be: "See, we need stronger laws."

We cannot win, the police state is already here.

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