Thursday, 24 March 2011

This is unpleasant

I want to make it clear that I have no more information on this situation than has been published or broadcast for public consumption by local MSM outlets.

Recently, there was an explosion at a house in a nearby suburb - extensive damage and several people injured.

Seems the house was being used as a clandestine "drug lab" to make illegal drugs, and as is often the case with such setups, not all the appropriate safety precautions were being taken.

Seems also that one of the neighbours had been complaining about the activities at the house for some time with no response. Frustrated with the lack of action, said neighbour appealed to her father for assistance - said father apparently being a retired senior police official.

Unfortunately, there continued to be no apparent reaction to the complaints.

Sometime later - KABOOM!

Other than people in hospital, and a news report or two, nothing much was made of it - shit happens apparently, then it came to light that one of the injured was the son of the current police commissioner "who happened to be at the house at the time".

Some MORE time later, and after a public admission from the commissioner that his son was "off the rails", said son is charged over the incident.

Can anyone explain to me, without using the word "corruption" or the phrase "professional courtesy", why the original complaints were apparently ignored?

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