Tuesday, 29 March 2011

It's About Perspective

I drive a 22-year old car. I bought it second-hand about 15 years ago.

Last night the rear vision mirror broke - not the whole thing, just the lever that toggles between day-time and night-time settings. A new mirror is still available, both direct from the manufacturer and also through some third parties, for $84.

My response? "Cool, it's still available, and it's not very expensive."

My wife's response? "It's HOW much? For a MIRROR?!??!?! You spend too much money on that car."

Isn't the female perspective interesting?

$25K for a family holiday? Fine.
$3K for an electronic keyboard for daughter? Fine.
$8K for school excursions to Singapore and Sydney? Fine.

Less than a hundred dollars for a car part? You have to be kidding!!!!

If women are from Venus, and men are from Mars, then I know what those lines are that Schiaparelli and Lowell saw on the red planet - highways.

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