Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bob Brown is an idiot

It appears that Sen. Bob Brown of the Australian Greens has regurgitated his semi-regular tirade against semi-automatic handguns, and again called for them to be banned.

His diatribe contains the usual lies and misrepresentations - for example, he claims that there are "300,000 legal hand machine guns in glove boxes around Australia” - and is, in essence, fact free. For reference, according to the government's own figures, there are 120,000 legally owned semi-automatic pistols in Australia. Machine guns are totally prohibited for civilian possession.

Legal ownership of hand-guns in Australia is predicated on either 1) occupation or 2) sporting use.

Being VERY familiar with the "sporting use" requirement, I can tell you that the would be purchaser of a handgun in Australia must:
1) be a member of an "approved" shooting club
2) have been a member for a minimum of six contiguous months
3) undergo a training course in firearms handling and saftey
4) be cleared by police after a background check
5) request and receive a "support letter" from the club
6) remain a member of a shooting club
7) regularly compete in shooting competitions with the handgun in question

Transport restrictions apply (essentially home to/from an approved range ONLY), and locked storage is required separately for firearm and ammunition.

Is it treasonous for Sen. Brown to use his elected postion to make the claims that he did despite KNOWING them to be false?


Anonymous said...

Very well said. One must realise that the Greens are carrying high the Red flag of dicredited Communists. These comrades, of course, banned any ownership of arms inclusive pellet guns as they were continuously paranoid that the people subjected to their terror regime will raise against them. They also kept hundreds of thousands if not millions in extermination concentration camps.
Brown and his little red Lying Hood puppet Gillard are following communist doctrine to the finest point, embarking on mass destruction of middle class through tax on air we breath and wasting billions on utopian socialist schemes. Marx would have loved them.

Joseph Kool said...

This guy took your guns away and now he's sailing the high seas saving whales and carrying firearms for self defense against the evil Japanese whalers. In other words he thinks you're too dumb and irresponsible to have guns for self defense, but he puts himself above you because he's fighting for a better cause and isn't subject to the same laws as you peasants.