Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A beginning ....

Post number one.

Ummm .... Errr ..... I can't have writer's block already!

First, a "raison d'etre".

As a citizen of the Commonwealth of Australia, I have exactly NO rights. Shocking I know, but Australia does not have a "Bill of Rights" on the US model, not even a pale European shadow of it. If the Federal, State , or Local governments want to trample all over me and mine, they have but to cause a regulation to be made. No need to pass a law, no judicial review, no legal recourse available: just promulgate a regulation.

Don't believe me? Well, I wouldn't have thought so either, but that's why this blog exists.

So I can whine. And whinge. And perhaps cause others to think, and thereby come to realise that there is something wrong with "The Lucky Country" when individual rights are so carelessly and resolutely ignored by those in power.

Maybe I can cause enough ruckus to change things, but I doubt it. Still I refuse to let Don Quixote be the only one to have the fun of tilting at windmills.

So join in if you have something to say. Just don't expect to have what you say go unchallenged, and be warned: I'm Occasionally Blunt.

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jigsaw_gd said...

so glad that you decided to write a blog :)